• Charine Kuan

Keto Sweeteners in Malaysia

Updated: Feb 24

This is all you need to know about sugar replacement options available in our country. It is essential for those on a keto diet, diagnosed with diabetes have/had cancer and anyone who wants to ditch sugar to know how to choose a suitable sweetener to meet their needs. Hence, I have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort in researching and writing this article on Keto Sweeteners.

Let's get straight to the point - not all sweeteners are the same! It's quite impossible to explain everything in detailed in one article so I'm going to extract those you-need-to-know and make it as simple and easy as possible for you to understand. In fact, I have put them into a table for your ease of reference!


Generally, sweeteners are either NATURAL (plant based or sugar alcohol) or ARTIFICIAL (chemically derived). There is a long list of natural and artificial sweeteners available in the West. However, I'm just going to focus on the natural sweeteners available to us here.


There are 4 types of natural sweeteners available in Malaysia, namely xylitol, erythritol, erythritol monk fruit and stevia. These sweeteners are available in liquid, powder and granulate formulations.


Stevia is the most widely available sweetener before the availability of sugar alcohols as it is plant-based and deemed to be halal. Do check the ingredients when buying as stevia is often blended with other sweetener to mask the bitter aftertaste. You may even get dried Stevia leaves from Chinese Medicine Hall.


One interesting fact of sugar alcohol which is known as polyol actually has no alcohol in it. Hence, the halal certification. One common characteristic of these sugar alcohols is that they are quickly absorbed into the body, pass through and excreted out as urine or faeces unchanged. Hence the zero calories. Because they are not digested by the body, so you don't count them towards your daily carbohydrate limit. One precaution to those with gut issues or prone to tummy problems, xylitol is not for you.