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Chinese Soup done Keto

Updated: May 16, 2021

At times, all I wanted for dinner was a bowl of warm Chinese soup. I like the feeling of a soothed tummy after a bowl of warm soup on a rainy night. I must admit on my off days from kitchen, I do go to Bak Kut Teh shop even though it is not exactly keto due to the rooted herbs and soya sauce used. Otherwise, I am quite happy to cook this Bitter Gourd Chicken Soup.

The regular Bitter Gourd Soup is usually cooked with carrots and red dates to add sweetness. However, these two ingredients are rather high in carbs. In this keto-fied Bitter Gourd Chicken Soup, I ditched the high carb ingredients and added goji berries and dried scallop for a light umami flavour. It is super delicious and yet easy to make using an instant cooker. I'm sure this recipe will become your regular keto Chinese soup once you have a go!


1kg Chicken

500g Bitter Gourd

1tbs Goji Berries

1 tbs Coconut oil

1/2tbs Black salt

1/4ts White pepper (optional)

1 Dried scallop (optional but highly recommended)

600ml water


  1. Cut the chicken into chunky pieces.

  2. Half the bitter gourd and take out the seeds. Cut into thick pieces of approx. 1 inch width. Slice it thinner, if using regular pot.

  3. In an instant cooker, pour coconut oil, add the chicken, bitter gourd and goji berries.

  4. Add black salt, white pepper and dried scallop.

  5. Add in water, close the lid, select soup and set timer as 15 minutes. 30 minutes if slow-cook in a regular pot.

  6. Serve hot.

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