• Charine Kuan

5 Best Recipes for Keto Chaffles, Waffles and Pancakes you must make!

Updated: Feb 24

With the recent craze for Chaffles, I had to do a couple experiments of my own to verify the popularity as compared to waffles and pancakes. Here I'm sharing with you 5 variations of Chaffles, Waffles and Pancakes with step-by-step illustrations included. Find one that suits your liking and give it a go!


If you Google for chaffles recipe, this variation seems to be the most popular. As someone who practice a ketogenic diet and also a mom, I'm not surprised at all! First, cheese is a staple keto food due to its high fat content. Second, all kids (oh well, almost all), love cheese! My son for one likes this very much... until he tasted another variation I made. Me, on the other hand, do not appreciate the eggy and cheesy taste.


This was my first attempt in making chaffles and I really love it. Adding almond flour toned down the eggy taste and made the chaffles lighter and a bit fluffy. It's kinda like a cheese waffles. If you like something savoury, you should give this a go!


Almond flour 2 tablespoons

Eggs 4

Mozarella cheese 1 cup


Dark chocolate waffles with blueberries and Greek yoghurt.

I find this variation most acceptable by the non-ketoers as it is flavourful, aromatic and fluffy. The texture is almost similar to a typical waffles, but without gluten and sugar. Hence, it's perfect for a guilt-free treat! If you're trying to convince your carb-centric family to go on a keto diet, this is where you want to start. Whenever I do this for our family breakfast on the weekend, these keto waffles disappeared from the serving plate as soon as I put it on the table.