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Keto Diet Variations - which one suits you best?

Updated: May 30, 2020

When I teach the ketogenic diet to beginners at my class, there are many who expresses their challenges in sustaining this way of eating due to their lifestyle. I must admit, not all are driven to a total change in lifestyle unless there is a medical need. So, I'm going to touch on 3 types of variations; apart from the Standard Keto Diet that most have heard of, to allow you to choose which type of ketogenic diet can be more suitably incorporated into your current lifestyle without too much of a compromise.

4 Variations of Ketogenic Diet:

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Cyclical Keto Diet This diet is similar to carb cycling, with slight variations. Carb cycling means you are on a low-carb diet 4-6 days a week while the other 1-3 days, you carb portion is in a higher range. Unfortunately, carb cyclig; although low in carb proportion on some days; does not get you into ketosis. Keto cycling diet requires 75 percent of your calories are from fat intake on 5-6 days a week, keeping carbs under 10 percent. "Re-feeding" days involve eating carbs for 60-70 percent of your total calories on 1-2 days per week. You'd want to get your carbs from whole foods sources, such as oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes, beans, and to avoid bread, rice, noodles and baked goods, or other high-sugar processed foodstuffs. This diet is used by those in endurance sports such as marathon, cycling and open water swimming.

High Protein Keto Diet With this keto incarnation, you're still restricted to 5 percent carbs with a reduced fat content falls drastically to 60 percent (as opposed to 70 percent and above) The remaining 35 percent comes from protein. It's basically a high-fat version of The Zone diet which I diligently followed when I was in my 20s and was very fond of working out 2-3 hours for 4-5 days a week in the gym. The Zone requires tracking the neurosis of every micronutrient, thus a challenge for long term compliance. No doubt, high protein keto diet is best for people who needs protein for muscle mass such as bodybuilders and elderly people who need to prevent muscle loss.

Targeted Keto Diet This method allows you to consume 25-50 grams of carbs thirty minutes to an hour before working out. These are the only carbs you eat that day. If you are a gym goer who want to reduce body fat and tone muscles, TKD is ideal as it allows you to train at higher intensities at the gym, but doesn't force you out of ketosis for extended periods of time.


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