• Charine Kuan

Interview by a leading Chinese Daily

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Not too long ago, I was interviewed by a leading Chinese Daily on my ketogenic lifestyle. The reporter was intrigued to know about this diet which has lately gained much attention and raved by many. It was a two hours interview where I walked her through my ketogenic journey; from the reason on how I embarked on this journey, to understanding the difference of KETO and LOW CARB diet and later, my involvement into the keto business.

I explained how the transformation through this way of eating has been amazing! I wasn’t heavy to start with, but I lost 8kg within the first 3 months. That was 2 dress sizes down!! I’m still seeing improvements in energy levels, alertness, mood, immune systems and pre-menopausal symptoms. For me, staying on keto is no doubt a lifestyle change for a better health; particularly in prevention of diabetes as I do have a family history of Diabetes Mellitus.


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