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Keto is not a diet. It's a NEW Lifestyle!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

"Let's show them the abs!!"... My hub asked me to pull the pants down a little and my son watched if anyone's coming. We giggled in the woods while trying to snap this during a trek in the community forest nearby our place.

They are both pleased with my transformation with keto and are supportive of me. I don't have specific abs or core trainings. Just walking and keto. It's amazing my endurance levels has improved with keto way of eating. I'm so energetic with my super busy schedule; managing a business, doing product R&D, on the executive board of a Buddhist society, volunteering at PERTIWI soup kitchen regularly and running the household. So, not bad for a 46 year old mom eh!

Some of my friends and people who know me are inspired by my NEW LIFESTYLE and have embarked on a KETO JOURNEY and some are binge-watching @drericberg videos. Many told me I've inspired them to live healthy; either eat clean or start exercise. That's right! We all can still look great after 40s.

I'm still in awe with how just changing the way I eat has inspired me to start a business in developing and designing keto menus, organising keto meetups, giving talks on keto, providing personal coaching in weight loss, distributing ketone meters, MCT powder and other keto products. Yummy Keto signifies my success story of ketogenic lifestyle.

Next week I'm going to hike PIKEY PEAK in Neapal at altitude of 4065m which will probably below 0° at the top when we arrive and I plan to stay on keto through out the trek. I'm pretty sure I can do it with MCT powder and keto bars. Let see how it goes!!

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