why i do keto

Here is the story of my keto journey...


Rice was the staple of our meals. Until one day my dad replaced rice with wholemeal bread based on his doctor's advise. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 40. Since then, white rice was struck out and we went through a string of adaptation over the years until low glycemic multigrain rice was introduced.


With the family history of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, low carb low sugar diet and regualr exercise became my lifestyle. However, it wasn't enough to keep up with my active lifestyle as I was approaching mid forties. The lethagic, lower stamina, longer recovery time and sudden increased in body weight had signal the need for care. That was how I found KETOGENIC DIET -  the code to unlock my energy source!


I am so amazed with how changing the way I eat has transformed me and convinced that ketogenic diet combined with Intermittent Fasting (IF) is the way to prevent metabolic diseases and delay ageing process.

Seeing how my dad battling with diabetes and other illness caused by it, I know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the potential complications associated with chronic diseases; in particularly metabolic syndrome. Hence, I am passionate in advocating ketogenic diet as a primary prevention and adjunct non-medication regimen for overall health and wellness.

Being on a keto diet since May 2017, I understand the compliance issues that many ketoers face in the journey which at times, can lead them to dropping the diet due to such challenges. Hence, I aspire to share, guide and support others on this keto journey by making ketogenic diet easy and sustainable. Hence the birth of Yummy Keto in February 2018.

inspire, coach and support others to healthy eating habits. Due to a family history of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, low carb and low sugar has been her way of eating for many years before she embarked on the ketogenic diet in May 2017. With her work experience in the pharmaceutical industry and her evidence-based understanding of the science behind the keto way of eating, she is convinced the new diet has contributed to an improved brain clarity and immune system, regain energy and sleep quality, delay ageing and possibly a way to prevent metabolic syndrome.

Yummy Keto by Charine
“I'm so amazed with how KETO way of eating has transformed me. My immune system has improved. I have more energy, I’m more alert, cheerful and most amazingly I’m down by 2 dress size. I’m a new woman now!"

certified keto coach


As a certified Keto LCHF Nutrition Advisor from Nutrition Network (by Prof. Tim Noakes of The Noakes Foundation), I am equipped with the skill and knowledge to provide advise on Ketogenic Diet.

I understand the science behind:

  • How ketogenic diet works

  • How to achieve weight loss on a ketogenic diet

  • How ketogenic diet improves diabetes, fatty liver, PCOS and other health issues

I am able to show you:

  • Easy and simple way to start doing keto

  • Dietary plan to use good fats as source of energy

  • Method to lose weight without caloric restriction and starvation

  • Process to improvement brain clarity, energy levels, immune systems, sleep quality, and emotional well-being as you feel good and look younger

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I was brought up in a culinary family. My grandma, my mom and my aunts are all very good cooks.


Almost all family gatherings involved cooking and eating. I still remember how the little ones helped out in preparing the ingredients while the adults exchanged notes on cooking methods. New recipes were developed during these cooking sessions. That’s how it gets into me from young.


I love to develop new recipes and be creative with cooking. Making good food is in my blood and now KETO is my way of eating.

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